Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hepburn Springs Streetscape Project

In 2008, the Swiss Italian Festa developed the following objectives
a) To establish and implement a plan for Hepburn Springs that recognizes and preserves the heritage and cultural aspects of that village, in particular the strong influence of the Swiss and Italian settlers/pioneers; and.

b) To engage with local partners to ensure the plan comes to fruition and that momentum is sustained;

c) To leave an annual legacy from 2010 onwards that goes beyond the annual festival program – a community building project that engages and excites our local community

Essentially, it is the encouragement of the “Beautification” of the main streets of Hepburn Springs and its built environment. The encouragement envisages an emphasis on plantings representing the significant Swiss and Italian Heritage. These plantings of suitable and culturally relevant plants could be utilising nature strips, window boxes, street tubs and/or street veranda supports.

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  1. Fantastic initiative and I hope we can see some suitable trees play a major role in the transformation